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If you are looking for a book that expands a little on the life of Christ, the novel by Marjorie Holmes titled The Messiah is an interesting read. It's true to the Bible; you hear scripture throughout the whole story, but it also makes you think what might have been. For instance: what happened when Mary and Martha sent a messenger to tell Jesus about Lazarus and Jesus told him to go back and tell them he would come soon. How would the messenger have felt? He knew it was an urgent message and he had hurried to tell the Messiah. And the author gave Jesus a dog; we don't know that to be true, but it could have been. 

A Lady Unrivalled by Roseanna M. White - The novel is set in 1913, mostly in England. Three male cousins, 2 wives and a sister are the main characters; an injured Russian ballerina, a brother and a sister are the greedy adversaries. Two red diamonds were stolen from a museum in India. The story revolves around the pursuit for the diamonds vs their effort to keep them and people safe. Greed and fear of being maimed or killed run rampant in the story, but also the wonders of prayer.

Talking with my Father by Roy C. Stedman - The author discusses why we need to pray; the Lord's prayer; the prayer found in John 17:1-8 which Stedman claims is the true Lord's Prayer and Christ's prayer for us found in verses 9-19 of John 17. This book is a thoughtful, biblically based look at prayer.

Between Two Shores by Jocelyn Green - The story begins in New France in the 1740's and continues to the Seven Years War between England and France. The main character is Catherine Duval. Her sister and half-brother play important roles in her life. Her father's prisoner returns and with the help of Catherine and a French national soldier, figure in the English victory on the Plains of Abraham, supposedly. Still a good bit of Canadian history.

Chosen People by Robert Whitlow - Hana, a Christian Arab Israeli lawyer is asked by her boss to take part in a lawsuit that involves a possible terrorist murder that occurred in Jerusalem. Hana and another lawyer go to Jerusalem. An investigator there is hired. Danger lurks around corners, until it finds the three, but the case becomes unentangled. Good read!

Hidden Among the Stars by Melanie Dobson - The story flips from 1938 Austria to present day USA. Entries in the book Bambi cause the store owner to wonder what they mean. Only an investigation will do. In the process, perhaps the identity of Callie's good friend Charlotte, will be discovered. I really enjoyed this book.

The Turning by Davis Bunn - Five Christians from different races are called by God to a significant work which becomes slowly revealed to them when they are all meet at a place surely chosen by God. We see the darkness of the secular world pitted against God's light and truth. There can only be one winner. Were these five people really called by God?

The Hadassah - A Queen's Legacy by Tommy Tenney and Mark Andrew Olsen  - This book follows the story of Queen Esther's life following the death of he husband, King Xerxes. This is an intriguing piece of fiction with a few twists and turns.

The Jerusalem Assassin by Joel C. Rosenberg - Rosenberg fans are in for another edge-of-the seat read with this book. The story occurs in the Middle East with Marcus Ryker again as the main character. Will he be able to rescue the three targets of an evil organization.

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