book reviews

One of our new books is entitled Flash, and is about a donkey and his adopted owners (it is categorized as a biography!). The author is Rachel Anne Ridge, and it is amazing what she learns from Flash and his daily life. Her reflections on Flash lead her to Biblical truths and an adjustment to her way of handling life and its many surprises. What a delightful, funny memoir!

The Beirut Protocol by Joel C. Rosenburg - Marcus Ryker again finds himself in an extremely dangerous place in the Middle East. The story's events seem to go from bad to worse with Ryker's and his colleagues lives in jeopardy. Will his mother's and his own prayers save him?

The Book of Signs by Dr. David Jeremiah - The book contains "31 undeniable prophecies of the Apocalypse". Many books of the Bible contain signs of the "end times". Jeremiah's book explains the various prophecies and connects them to those John wrote about in Revelation. The book is well organized and easy to understand.

One More River to Cross by Jane Kirkpatrick - The story is set in 1844-45, and tells of a wagon train journey to California. It is based on an actual event, and some of the characters were on the historical trip. What resourceful people they were! Difficulties arise, but there always seems to be solutions, some better than others.

Bringing Maggie Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer - The abduction of the little girl, Maggie, causes the collapse of a family. The oldest sister accepts that she was at fault. Many years later the sister's young granddaughter takes part in a search for Maggie, and a major crime is uncovered. A very emotional story!

The Alliance by Jolina Petersheim - This is a "what if" drama, a story of a world being shut down by a strange phenomenon. Two drastically different cultures meet, and try to devise a plan for survival.

The Inheritance, Book 1, by Michael Phillips - The story moves from the Shetland Island of Whales Reef to Pennsylvania, USA. The island's late Laird has set the islands inhabitants in a turmoil because there was no will. Two contenders appear, but the Probate Court may decide which is the successor. Does Loni Ford in the USA fit into the Scottish picture?

The Miracles by Gary Inrig  - The author discusses 14 of Jesus' miracles. These miracles show Jesus' compassion, His authority, and His majesty. They reveal Jesus' identity as human and more importantly as God's son - King of kings and Lord of lords.

Among other new books are The Harbinger II by Jonathan Cahn; Hope by Dr. David Jeremiah; and Jesus in Me by Anne Graham Lotz. New first books of a series by Patricia Bradley, Colleen Coble, Jocelyn Green and Irene Hannon are either available or will be shortly.